The Science of Beauty: Xenlogic

17 Jan

What is beauty? How do we know when someone is beautiful? Is it really in the eyes of the beholder? Is it specific to individual preference? Is beauty something that is culturally indigenous? Is one race naturally more beautiful than another? Are beautiful people better than the rest of us? Are beautiful people naturally shallow? These are all valid questions that most people tend to make incorrect assumptions about. The answers may surprise you (as they did me). As it turns out, a lot of what is commonly associated with beauty is largely based on bias and a lack of understanding of the factors that make someone beautiful. In this post, I explore all of these in great detail. So whether you’re beautiful or aesthetically challenged, you may find this post of great interest.

The Importance of being Beautiful

Being physically attractive seems to make or break your case in life whether or not you choose to admit it. In fact your face is your primary ambassador and your body is the key to your success – in every conceivable way. Beautiful people have an effect on other people that is so profound and unprecedented, that even if you were a totally rotten individual, most people would treat you like royalty anyway – just because you’re nice to look at.

Even before all races were treated with equality, beautiful people from all ethnic groups were savoring that opportunity. The rules, whatever they were, did not apply to them. They could break the law and get away with it. They could publicly embarrass themselves and people would worship them anyway. They could cheat on their spouses and people would revere them equally. Being beautiful means that the world is your footstool.


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