Mineral Makeup Dangerous?

17 Dec

First, we’re told liquid makeup has harmful chemicals and mineral makeup is healthier. Now, a well-known medical professional says mineral makeup is more dangerous than liquid.

An obscure product just a few years ago, mineral makeup is now part of nearly every cosmetic brand’s product line. Millions of women use it, many of them doing so because they wanted to stop using liquid foundations which put chemical ingredients into their skin. A key selling point for mineral products is that they come from the earth and consist of natural minerals such as zinc and titanium. That doesn’t mean they don’t contain chemicals, minerals are made up of chemical elements, but since the companies don’t put in additional chemical ingredients they claim the products are purer.

Web M.D. offers different points of view on mineral makeup. On the one hand, they state key ingredients have been the basis of most makeup foundations for decades and quote an expert who calls mineral makeup marketing hype. On the other hand, Web M.D. states, “dermatologists report that because mineral makeup frequently eliminates classic ‘irritants’ – like fragrances, binders, synthetic dyes and preservatives — it is considered ‘purer’ and can be kinder to the skin.”

Dr. Oz Says Throw Out Your Mineral Makeup:

Thousands of women are now wondering whether or not to use these products. On a television show segment about the most dangerous beauty products, Dr. Mehmet Oz declared mineral makeup unsafe and told women to stop using it.

From Dr. Oz. com, “Mineral makeup is a big trend. Made from minerals such as mica, which are used for industrial purposes as well, these tiny particles are a thousand times smaller than predecessors from even 10 years ago. Their small size makes for a smoother, more flawless look, but it has one serious unintended consequence. The particles are so tiny they fall quickly through the air and can be inhaled easily into your lungs. When construction workers use mica in products such as spackle, they wear masks to protect their lungs from scarring over time. Though there are no studies showing damage from makeup use to date, experts say the long-term use and inhalation of minerals in makeup can lead to inflammation, irritation and lung disease in women and girls.”

What do you think??


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